Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 31

Lorna, moving on up now!

I’m so impressed with Lorna and this project, not so long ago, Lorna would never have worked on evenweave but she’s doing brilliantly now.  I want this on my wall.
You can see all of Lorna’s progress here on our website on Lorna’s My stitching website, anybody can join Lorna’s website and upload your work

Jul 31

What is Kimberley Stitching?

I wonder what Kimberley is stitching, could it be a Tatty Ted?

Jul 31

Renate’s Teddy Update – He’s Growing

Teddy is growing, keep going Renate,
You can follow Renate’s progress here.

Jul 28

Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy Update

This is really coming on now, great going Lorna.

Jul 28

Shazie’s Cats, Cats, Cats Update

I’m so hoping I can get this one finished this week, then maybe work on another WIP, I need to work on HAED too.

Jul 26

Shazie’s Cats update

I’ve not stitched as much as I wanted to but here is another little update.
You can see all my progress here.

Jul 24


FINISHED !!!!!!No other x stitching in between and taken just under 1,600 hrs.
Click here to see Ann’s full progress.

Jul 24

Ann’s Steampunk Card

Ann made this for her adopted Sister.She loves steampunk but is also a x stitcher. Trying to incorporate the two was rather hard LOL.

Jul 24

Emma’s Family Guy Update

Look how much Emma has done on this project now, all those block colours.
To see all her progress so far, click here.

Jul 21

Jo’s Midnight Dance – Update

Here is another update from Jo, it’s a WOW factor this one.

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