May 2014 archive

May 20

Lisa’s New Crochet project

Our Lisa has certainly got the crochet bug…..look at this lovely blanket she’s started.  I wish I could do that.  Lisa is it easy??

May 19

Claire’s old finish – Teddy Birth Sampler

Here is another old finish by Claire, a lovely Teddy Birth Sampler.

May 19

Claire’s Old finish – Tiger

Here is Claire’s Tiger finish, that she finished a while ago.

May 19

Lisa’s Finished Quilt

Lisa has finished her quilt, love it, my girls would love that.

May 18

Shazie’s Cats, Cats, Cats Update

I’ve managed about 3 hours stitching today, in between the house work, just in case I’m working full time next week, I’m pleased with how far I’ve got, with the help of Mr Frog mind.  Can you see our Inga in the picture…lol
You can see the little progress I’ve made if you go here.

May 18

Lisa’s Throw Crochet Update

Here is Lisa’s Throw now or should I say yesterday, that will keep her warm.
Wait for this. It’s even bigger now. I’ve had to fold it in 4 to take a photo, so you are seeing a quarter of it. Thinking of making it between 55 x 55 and 60 x 60

May 16

Cats, Cats, Cats

I saw a post on FB the other day that somebody was selling a part stitch design and I don’t know why but I said I’d like it, I have never started stitching a part stitched piece.
I made a little start last night but only for 30 minutes so I don’t have an update

May 16

Glen’s Santa Update

Glen has done a little bit more on her Santa design.  You can see the full progress here

May 16

Glen’s HAED – bookshelf start

Because our newsletter only puts one photo per post, I’ve split Glen’s HAED photos up.  Here is how she’s got on with the start of this huge design.

May 16

Glen’s – Haed – Aimee Stewart called Treasure Bookshelf

Wow, Glen this is a large HAED project, good luck,.