Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 31

Shazie’s Cats, Cats, Cats, Update

I decided to over stitch the words with another 1 strand of thread and I think it looks better, it should have been in 2 strands not one, so pleased. I’ve not done half of the design now.
To see my full progress click here.

May 28

Shazie’s Cat update

The good news is I’m sticking with it and it’s not looking bad all. Yes the green on both houses is wrong but hay ho. I have spent this morning and yesterday morning doing the bottom picture, I will move to the other bottom picture on the right tomorrow, then it’s half way done.

May 27

Jo’s Midnight Dance Update

Jo has somehow managed a little bit for stitching and is doing the back stitch as she goes along.

May 26

Shazie’s Cats, Cats, Cats WIP

What a pain in the bottom this project is, I’m having more problems with this one than HAED and that says something, I very nearly took it off the frame, but here you go, still going a little longer.
You can see my progress so far since I got this piece if you go here.

May 26

Find the Fairy?

Who wants to play a game today – Monday 26th May 2014 …lol, find the fairy on the main website pages NOT in the Forum. , the winner will win a prize.  The first person to post on the forum of where the Fairy is will win,
You are looking for this fairy  she might be animated

May 26

Julie’s Unfinished WIP’s

Julie has been having a sort out of her Stash and has come across these WIP’s waiting to be finished.
If you go to this link here you will see them. There are 3 of them.

May 26

Julie’s Christmas Tree Ornament Update

Here is Julie’s Christmas Tree Ornament Update.
You can see her full progress here.

May 26

Julie’s Heart Tree Update

Here is Julie’s update on her Heart Tree WIP
You can see her full progress here.

May 25

Look at all Julie’s Finishes over the years.

Our Julie is known as the Queen of WIP’s but oh my word look at all these finishes.
You need to click here to see them all.

May 25

Lisa’s Circular Crochet Throw Update

Here is another update on Lisa’s circular crochet throw.  I really like this, unusual.

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