April 2014 archive

Apr 19

Emma has finished Bluebell

Wow, doesn’t this look good, well done Emma for sticking with this to get her finished.

Apr 19

Lynda’s Bee Coaster

Lynda has done this lovely bee coaster, she changed the colour from blue to red.  Very effective.

Apr 18

Julie’s Old finishes from a few years ago

Julie has been updating us with some bits she has finished over the years.

Apr 18

Julie’s Bothy Threads Update

Julie is off work this week and she’s been busy getting out and about in her area and has managed to stitch and knit.  Brilliant, that’s my kind of week off.

Apr 16

Emma’s Cameo – Made into a hanger

Emma stitched this cameo a while ago and decided to make it into a door hanger.  Great result, we have such a talented seamstress in our little group.

Apr 16

Emma’s Bluebell WIP update – 12th April 14

Now our members are moving into their new home and getting comfy, we are starting to get updates of their cross stitching work they are stitching.
Emma is the first to have her work added.
Emma has really steamed on with this lovely picture of one of her dogs Bluebell.
Below is another update 16th

Apr 16

Emma’s Birthday Cards from the Birthday Thread Exchange

Here are Emma’s card that she received on her birthday from our birthday thread exchange.  What a lovely collection.

Apr 15

Queen of the WIP’s – Our Julie has made a start

Our Queen of the WIP’s has made a start on her Bothy Thread Heart.

Apr 14

Kimberley’s New Cottage Project

Kimberley has just started another big project.  Using magic guide aida for ease.  We can’t wait to see how quickly this one grows.



Apr 14

Santa has grown a little in 3.5 hours

I’ve worked a little on Santa, but trying to use 5/6 threads on 16ct Aida, isn’t easy on the hands and wrists, I will have to do this slowly over the coming months if I’m going to get him out on my wall for this Christmas.
62 hours it’s taken to get this far and